Yellow corn

corn rotatedThis is a native yellow corn, tasting more corny then modern corn and  much better flavor. At last years farmers market, the second week of picking, we sold out before we were able to set up our stall selling right from the truck. It is able to grow and produce in poor soil; you may find a few heads looking ugly if you are lacking nutrition and you will find lower yield too…but still great taste.  Does much better in great soil.

An open pollinated sweet yellow corn.This is not a hybrid, save the seeds and grow as much corn as you wish, year after year Plant as far away from other corn, as possible if wish to save the seeds.

Approximate germination days 7-10
Soil temperature for germination 65F
Can be direct sown early spring
Planting depth: 1-2″ plant 3″ apart and thin to 9″
plant at least 4 rows 24 – 36″ apart

Best way to start is:

  • bottom heated flats in greenhouse
  • Transplant when 2-3″ high
  • soil ph = 5.8 – 6.8

Corn is a heavy feeder so use compost and regular fertilizing.  Harvest when silk is dry brown. Let seeds dry on the cob for saving. Store in dry cool location

Our favorite way of eating is Corny corn bread

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