Hulless Pumpkin

styrian pumpkin

Although they look very much like a pumpkin, these squashes are so easy to grow and you get the benefit of a sweet ‘all purpose’ winter squash with delicious and effortless hulless seeds as snacks or treats.

We have started these as bedding plants in march and then and planted them around Victoria day. They don’t like a lot of weed competition and we let them grow through the garden.

You can directly sow in full sun from late May to early June, once the soil has warmed up. Optimal soil temperature: 25°C (70-90°F), ideal pH: 6-6.8. Sow 3 seeds together and thin to strongest plant. 1-2” deep in small hills, 36” apart, in rows 48” apart.  Use 1 cup of complete organic fertilizer under every hill

Watch for powdery mildew, avoid wetting leaves, pick remove any leaf with grey mildew. Consider weekly spraying an acceptable to organic farming, mildew fighter especially during the later part of the summer.

Do not plant in same area of garden as last year.

The Farmsteads favorite way of eating pumpkin is Sauteed Pumpkin

styrian seedsClean the seeds and remove the small bits that cling. The seeds can be air dried, or to quicken the process, use a food dehydrator.  They are even more delicious slightly roasted – sweet or savory, these seeds will win you over.


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