6 Row Hulless Barley

Approximate germination  7-10 days.  Soil temperature for germination 65F.  Planting depth: 1-2″

Plant early spring except in very cold climates. Can be direct sown but we have found better success by starting them pots first.  Transplant to garden 5″ apart when 2-3″ high.

You can plant barley as a cereal crop or as a cover crop. For cereal, start early and for a cover crop, plant in mid-august and let grow through winter.

Barley prefers a dry soil that isn’t too acid.  Likes some P & K but modest N.  Water moderately; cease when 85% of seed heads are golden. They are a surprisingly a pretty plant and great addition to your later summer bouquets.

Dry fully before threshing/storing.


6 row Purple Barley is a colorful addition to many food.

Great in soups, whole grain salads,or use as an alternate in risotto.

Try lightly toasting some in a dry pan until barley begins to pop or smell like toast.  Cooked like brown rice.  The result is a fairly firm texture with a delightful rich nutty flavor.

A farm favorite is: Barley and Potato Salad



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