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Hello! We are Kelly and Dale from RR#7 Farmstead Market Gardens located on the sunny southern ridge of Mount Elphinstone. We have started our farm to support local  food sustainability and to promote a healthy lifestyle by eating the best harvest that nature can provide.

If you are interested in being a regular customer (personal or business) or would like to know more about what we are doing, contact us via email at FarmProud@RR7Farmstead.ca or give us a shout at 604.842.0332.

How it all began……

We began our journey into farming in spring of 2013 when, after taking possession of our land, we started cultivating the soil of our small property with our 1952 Ford tractor.

We will start our 2015 season at Roberts creek Seedy Saturday with bedding plants, seeds and other merchandise. This year we have 6 different seeds to share. Our farm gate will be open early with bedding plants and we will continue to supply our community with fresh produce. We are planting many favorites from last years crop plus continuing our search for the best cultivators. This will be the first year we attempt to grow substantial amounts of one type of plants.. I am looking forward to seeing long rows of vegetables rather then experimental plots spread through the gardens. We hope you enjoy our efforts.

Each year treats us, on many days, to brilliant and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets from our perch on the mountain. Inspired by this daily magnificence, Dale begun a series of watercolor and acrylic paintings of these magical moments which we continue to have framed and available for sale at our booth. You can see some of these inspiring moments at our website in the photos we post.

We have a few more surprises coming this summer for our customers so we encourage you to check back soon to see what we have been doing.

The first year, 2013, we grew over 40 test 8’ X 12’ plots of vegetables of all varieties and numerous cultivars to find what grows best.  We grew 3 different types of soy beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, chard’s, beans, peas plus edible flowers, carrots, beets, green onions, kale, broccoli, radishes and many types of lettuces. As it turned to summer, we tried our hand at the Sunday Gibson’s Farmers market to gain an understanding of what varieties and cultivars were most popular with customers and why they liked certain cultivars over others. At the same time and to complete our larder on a regular basis, we became huge fans of all the other markets on the Sunshine Coast including the Roberts Creek Farmers Gate Market and Sechelt Farmers’ and Artisans’ market. Those markets also gave us a chance to meet other local farmers to find out what advice on best practices they had for us and to help us better understand the local farm food scene here on the Sunshine Coast.

Last year, 2014,  at RR#7 Farmstead Market Gardens, we tripled the amount of land under cultivation and added fruit to an expanded selection of vegetables, flowers, seeds and herbs. To get a head start, we built a huge greenhouse which holds over 200 flats of bedding plants and the greenhouse filled it to the rafters as we begin planting in the fields and started our inaugural season at both Gibsons Farmers and Artisan Markets with bedding plants. We had saved the seeds from last year’s favorites (Provider green beans, Jet black soybeans, RR7 hulless pumpkin and corn) and we bought certified organic seeds from Salt Spring Island Seeds, Full Circle Seeds in Sooke and of course, the certified organic seeds from West Coast seeds bought locally on the Sunshine Coast.

All of our products come from certified organic seeds and we adhere to sustainable farming practices as we focus on a bio-intensive approach to agriculture.


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