Living the dream

April 6, 2015 DALE Uncategorized

Many times I am told that I am living their dream.

I am doing so. When my lady asked what I want to do when she retires I, taking a few days, said I could be happy doing almost anything but maybe growing food and building a home on a bare piece of land has always been a dream of mine.


Although I have been unable to work much on our project this spring due to fracturing my right arm in three places as a trained in my dojo. Oh by the way in my pursuit of my dream, I have a dojo to train MMA in and am still facebook friends with many that fight. A couple just won medals at Tigerbalm


The farm gate is open with bedding plants. The daffodil bulbs we planted last fall are showing well. Plus we planted a dozen gladiolas that should soon come add to the color. Striving to build a place that we can be proud of, inviting humans to come visit and learn farm crafts and knowledge.

This year we have started many beds up on the top terraces. The bottom field needs much soil but we know where to buy good soil. Last year we put truck loads on the top three terraces creating beds that can be renewed and made better by good farming practices.


The agro-building project is on hold until my arm is further healed. A few days of pouring more cement and putting up the store bought rafters and then the next building inspection from the SCRD. We really want to have it done by the end of summer. An hour each day, one step, second step and soon its done.


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