Fall rains have started and I feel less pressure to spend time doing rather then writiing

October 4, 2014 DALE Uncategorized


car in drivewayI read a story contained an image of farm tired.

“After eating, the farmer and his two sons could only sit in front of the fire, heads down, to tired to talk, happy for the warmth of the fire and their full bellies.”

Vending at two farmers markets plus keeping the farm gate fresh was fun and rewarding. The picking and preparing, packaging, loading and unloading gave us insights for next years market season. In addition, we managed to build the green house, do a lot of work on the agro-building, and added a lot of compost to the veg beds.

The summer heat made our lettuce crops bolt.

We have made plans to counteract that and many of the other problems we encountered. See the shade cloth covers I sewed up, easy peasy! In a different life, I designed awnings and like cutting patterns. I used, a step sideways in time, my mothers first electric machine, a late 1950′s machine, a very strong one stitch does all that parts are still available for.

Beginning to work on the agro-buildings roof, a roof to last our life time, using Prolock from Westform metals. Dark red.

My idea is the agro-building and all the many other things I plan on building will be as functional in 50 years as when I finish them.


I’m even hoping for the gate sign to last. It has pressure treated posts installed in gravel

The agro-building has a building permit and the supervision of our SCRD building inspectors. They helped us create a proper foundation and concert floor for the old barn. We still need to build the new addition but the foundations have been poured and approved. Only calling the building inspectors after we put up the framework and trusses on the addition.

Kelly loves doing cement work, very cool, eh!

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