Lettuce….. be thankful for IT Support

June 23, 2014 administrator Farm LifeMonthly Newsletter

This inaugural RR7 Farmstead June Newsletter comes to you thanks to the excellent support from my ISP: Green Geeks.  The reason it is late is purely a “geek girl gone wild and wrecking the permission structure” on this site. There is a reason you do backups and even more reasons why windows systems engineers shouldn’t touch UNIX operating systems ;P

Our newsletters will be published 9 times a year for our customers and lovers of organic gardening. We have printed copies with us in the first two weeks of the month at both the Gibsons Public Market Friday Farmer’s Market and the Farmers Market at Gibsons Landing on Sundays while quantities last.  If you would like one sent to you each month by mail – drop us a note a farmproud@rr7farmstead.ca and we are happy to add you to the mailing list.

We have lots of lettuce available at our Farm Gate these days! Grand Rapids Leaf Lettuce!  Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce!  Gandhi Butter Lettuce!     If you don’t see what you are looking for at the gate; give us a call and if we are home, you can come pick out the lettuce of your choice!  This is a fantastic spring for lettuce.

Field grown lettuce is tastier, more texture and lasts in your refrigerator longer than any head of lettuce you buy in the grocery store; check out the local lettuce and see for yourself.





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