May 11, 2014 administrator Farm Life

Our Rooster

Our Rooster

One woman’s rooster is another man’s best friend

Whether you were raised on a farm or grew up in a city, most of our ideas of a farm include a rooster. The rooster plays some important roles on a farm and with all the other work they do, they sure seem to like waking everyone up despite the fact that sunrise is hours away.   While here at RR#7 Farmstead we don’t raise any animals as a food source, we are awakened on a daily basis at almost the stroke of 5:00 am by our Rooster regardless of how late we have been up and regardless if we are home at the farm or not.

Traditionally,  a rooster’s crow is hard to sleep through; almost by divine design.  Our Rooster can wake us from a sound sleep with only one note.   It seems to penetrate even the deepest sleeps and despite all that you do to ignore it, it is really only a matter of time before you are truly awake with the chances of getting back to sleep being zero.  I have even tried to plead with our Rooster for some more sleep and more often than not, my pleas falls on deaf ears.    Some mornings you are grateful for the rooster because you really have to get up and get to it so you can make hay while the sun shines.  On the cold winter mornings though, you wonder what you did to deserve the harsh wake-up call and why your rooster can’t be trained to make a good cup of coffee first.

Roosters provide security for their flock and ours excels at this trait.  No raccoon, coyote or deer is permitted on the property while our rooster is on guard.  The first raccoon visit, coincidentally during our first night on our farm, showed us just how dedicated our rooster is to protecting the farmstead from intruders. The visits from raccoons have since been far and few between.  Our rooster tells us when people come onto the farm – either by car or foot and with proper introductions, is accepting of most humans visitors on the farm.

Our rooster is 12 pound “Parson” Jack Russell Terrier named Abigail. You can see she isn’t any sort of breed of rooster but in so many ways, she is our rooster and farming wouldn’t be any fun without her.  For although she wakes you up at 5:00 am, it is with a lick and invitation to play;  which on the cold winter mornings doesn’t get me that cup of coffee I crave but it does get me a quick early morning snuggle before the day begins again.


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