January, 2014

Most of our seeds have come.

January 30, 2014 DALE Mount Elphinstone

Walking to mail box in the gentle January rain to pick up seeds, I feel connected to my heritage. Although her seeds came weeks before needed them, Mother would walk to the road to meet the mail man until they all had come. Today the sound of the rain has me dreaming about today’s chores. […]


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planning for the 2014 season

January 14, 2014 DALE Uncategorized

  Winter rains pound our caravan as we plan for the 2014 growing season, using the lessons taken from 2013. Our “scientific” approach, to learning what pests and problems we shall have to farm with, was to grow a full garden in the natural environment of Elphinstone Mountain.  We created 29 (4’ x 12’) beds […]



Our choice seeds now available

January 4, 2014 administrator Seeds

The summer of 2013 was a busy season for trying all sorts of different seeds.  We planted many different seeds and there were two show stoppers that we couldn’t resist keeping so that we could plant more in 2014 and share with other gardners. Checkout our seeds page for more details.  


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